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Our Sunday comics with Griffy in women’s attire (7/28/13) was sure a side splitter! I’m thinking that now you’ll come up with one where Griffy can marry himself/herself.................. wow, this stuff is soooooooooooo funny! ... and that final line............ “gender, schmender! How do you come up with such wild humor?
- Ron Kuehn
Thanks for clarifying Zippy's ancestry. It's interesting that Tod Browning's "Freaks" is probably my favorite all time movie.
Richard Osborn
Kent, WA
Dear Bill:

I read the editorial in the NY Times this morning which claims that the Republicans are willing to shut down the Government (causing incalculable damage to ordinary people) out of spite if they can't destroy "Obamacare" [sic].

Then I read "Fake and Afraid" immediately after that.

Then I realized how insanely complex the World has become: "Zippy" is THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES SENSE!

Best regards,

Greg Knapp

Message: I doubt this will reach Bill, but thank him for the most wonderful strip on September 21 entitled "Freak Show". FINALLY someone points out the madness afoot as homo sapien devolves into a hunched creature staring into a small screen. As I travel around the world I am stunned. It's everywhere! Even third worlders with little else to their names stare into screens! When did participatory reality lose it's appeal?!? Maybe we could figure out a way to send the same startling message to EVERY screen in the world at once: something like "look up quickly and talk to a real person or else!". Thank him for all of us who agree. Zippy is pretty smart!
- Jeff Virant
Bill, have been following Zippy's   exploits for years, now I read him online in my sailboat at the harbor here in Sitka AK. Just wanted to say that Zippy has been in the zone lately with his perceptions. Keep up the good work!

Not a question, just a comment.  

As a former resident of southern  Connecticut (Hamden then Westbrook) , and a native of northern Ohio, I enjoy the references to these areas in Zippy: joyriding from Lima, OH to Ashtabula, OH; the name Guilford Milford; and of course the signed print I purchased of "Can't See The Hair Weave For The Trees." located at Gillete Castle.

I sense that since birth the spirit of Zippy has been leading me to connect with MY inner-pinhead.

Zippy and "Bob": my spiritual guides.

Thank you for channeling Zippy and sharing him with us.

Paul Hoegstrom
Oklhaoma City, OK

I've enjoyed Zippy The Pinhead since the 70's.  I catch it now in The Kansas City Star newspaper.  It is one of those rare things that makes life better.  

I never laugh at the first panel of any other strip.  Zippy has depth, and delivers something in every panel.  Today's strip, with a dog pretending it can talk, is whimsical genius with a serious edge.

Thank you for sharing your gift.

Russ Allen
Liberty, MO

I want to thank Bill G. for all the years of Zippy, Griffy and ALL his friends . Every day I look forward to my daily dose of Zippiness. I hope that his health stays good enough for many more years. Without Zippy, Griffy, Mr. The Toad, Claude, Shelf-life, Zerbina and all the great Dingburgers  , Diners
and Taco sauce , my world would suffer a great loss. As a late baby boomer, Zippy's world is invaluable to
me. I love everything about it.  

Grady Swafford
I received a post card from you in 1985 when I was living in Bondi Beach, Sydney, after I told you that I was calling my son Zippy.
I've been an Osho sannyasin for 34 years now and love Zen.

Now my Zippy is 29 years old,  
Last December he won the Australian National Karate championships.  He is a cool dude and everybody loves him and he loves everyone. He's half Maori with a big tattoo on his arm and  he has a smile as big as San Francisco Bay and a heart of gold.
Thank you for your inspiration Bill, which helped me keep a healthy perspective on life.  Last week I had to get a pacemaker, which saved my life.  I just happened to read one of your zippy quotes which made me laugh. "If I had heart failure now I couldn't be a more fortunate man"         And so it is!  Glad You're still here on planet earth.    Hugs, Diti    Mulllumbimby, NSW Australia

Zippy is my "super hero"strip. Don;t despair - there is at least one of me!   

Started reading Zippy when in  Boston between 1988-91 when we moved to the hinterlands where your strip  is not carried. Thank you for the Daily Zippy.   You - and the strip - make me laugh, wince, think.  Thank you!  
-Laura Mares
Dear Friend,
As the last cells of a well-used brain bounce from Zippy to Glen Baxter to Firesign to Groucho and Fields, I want to thank you for noticing the absurd that surrounds us and letting me, along with a few others, in on some of the jokes.  Today in particular I give you thanks for the introduction to Alfred Jarry. (3/30/14)
Howard Betts
Deputy Consul General
United States Embassy
Santo Domingo
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Not that I expect Zippy to end anytime soon, but I just wanted to say thanks. I've been reading since the mid-80s, and Zippy was a mystery to me when I found it as a young teen (I was raised on Garfield). Anyway, I've grown into it, and it's been a pleasure. I hope to keep growing along with it. Thanks.

-Gregory May
Hi Bill,

I've been a Zippy fan since the early '80s. You've evolved all of the
characters to a certain extent, but Zippy the least--until recently. I
can't put my finger on it, but something about Zippy's facial features
or structure has changed. I don't "recognize" him as Zippy any more. For
one thing, his lips are more evident than they once were. That's not the
full extent of it, however. I'm not complaining; I'm just letting you
know that I noticed.

I realize that we're all getting older and of course that as the creator
you're free to change whatever you want without anyone's approval, but I
can't get over the creepy feeling that someone else is masquerading as
Zippy. It's like you've hired a similar-looking actor because the
original demanded too much money and quit in a huff or got prison time
for smuggling taco sauce (perhaps he went back to delivering propane).

I don't know how much longer you can continue drawing Zippy, but I want
you to know I consider your contribution to American cartooning, humor,
art, and iconography immeasurable. People who don't "get" Zippy simply
aren't trying.

The day Zippy ceases publication will be a day America hemorrhages yet
another soupçon of its precious soul.

In friendship,

Dang! Picked up the morning paper.............. and it said “The Death of Zippy”. Well, I thought, that’s it! Finally Zippy is gone. Always wondered how it could hang on for as long as it has. Won’t be missed, but had hoped nothing serious had happened to Bill Griffith. Maybe, he’s old enough to collect Social Security and was planning to spend his days drawing vanishing point pictures and heavily shaded items. But, then I read further and found it to be a sham! Or a scam! And surely a Shame! Zippy will continue. Dang! Well, nice trick, ya caught me. RonK
Dear Griffy,
Greetings from your fan here in New Zealand! I really love your work and am especially fond of the pieces you've done about Schlitzie and the strip you did for "Weird Tales of the Ramones". (Not to mention you've got me crushing just a little on both Zippy and Zerbina!) I've just subscribed to Zippy via email and I can't wait to start my journey towards channeling my inner pinhead.  I've been captivated by the importance of donuts and taco sauce and muu-muus are the must-have fashion item for the new millennium. And of course there's the eternal lesson of unconditional love, which I believe Schlitzie came to earth to teach us all.
Have a great week, and can't wait to read more.
"Somewhere in downtown Auckland, New Zealand, a seagull is liking a selfie of a Lolcat on Facebook".
Hugs & Tyvek,
Ingrid Joachim.