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I picked up the gag about Valvoline from your strip and have a lot of fun with it.
I like to cook some stuff, usually a very good Greek dessert, that I bring to potluck parties and dinners.
People like it and always ask what’s in this? I tell them that the recipe was given me by an old Greek housewife who made me promise never to divulge it to anyone. But I tell them that I worry that I put too much (or too little) Valvoline in it.
What a hoot! A lot of people don’t know what Valvoline is.
Gerard Field
Hi Bill:

Big fan...I have contacted you from time-to-time in the past.

Knowing our shared viewpoint about "dirtballs," especially if they have a mullett, I want to share a website with you. This website might suprise you as much as it did me. The guy who runs the site looks like a total dirtball, but is actually quite literate, and he features weird roadside attractions, mostly in Massachusetts, along with interesting stories about them. I know that the latter have been featured in Zippy for years. Here is the link:


By the way, I love Tanya & Fletcher!




Thanks for the above captioned strip.  I agree with the concept of the beauty of the "blanket."
As a child, my relatives in the South taught me that liberalism was a mental disorder that was very ugly, I asked them, "Where do the liberals live?"  The answer that I usually got was, "Where it snows a lot."  They explained that the heavy blanket of beautiful snow was God's way of covering up the ugliness of liberalism.(Minnesota,the North East, seasonal affective disorder, etc.)  They were right about the horrors of liberalism, but I still love the snow and think of it like you did as a child to this day.

Best wishes,

David Dimick 
Just a note to say, Zippy is still one of the few comics I read as often as I can. It is a koan in a photo-op world, a wormhole in a bricked-up window, a beauty mark on the face of a giant squid.

Unnecessary and puzzling, needful and wise, askew and righteous; if you didn't know you wouldn't need to believe.

Please continue, sir.

And the art is good, too. Zerbina has seldom looked zerbier than she did in the strip I just read.

Joyce Melton
I was particularly touched by the February First "daily dose", El And Gone.  I grew up in The Bronx in the late 50s - early 60s and remember riding on the Els of my borough, including the rattan seats you mention.  I couldn't wait to get tall enough to reach the leather straps or even the plastic ones on the newer cars, but alas we moved upstate before I grew, and those straps and individual hand holds were all replaced by a boring old bar by the time I rode the IRT, BMT, or IND lines again.

Thanks again for the non sequiturs,  and for all the memories.

Larry Pryluck
Dear Bill,
I’ve truly enjoyed your recent trips down Memory Lane in the Zippy strip, Kansas City Star. Your childhood in Frankfurt, Blizzard of ‘47, Myrtle Avenue El, and Pratt in 1962, parallel my own memories. (Can you still get those snap-buckle black rubber boots ‘galoshes’ – they were so easy to put on and off). You liked the Boston Baked Beans in the Automat, I always went for the Chicken Pot Pie when my mother took me to Radio City Music Hall for the Christmas and Easter shows, stopping first at the nearby Automat.
I’m a native New Yorker, born 1937 in Manhattan, formative years 1941-1961 in Parkchester, the Bronx. Pratt Institute, Industrial Design, 1955-1959. U.S.Army, 1961-1964 (I volunteered), stationed in Frankfurt, Germany two years, covert Intelligence Corps (I may have been in the same outfit as your Dad).
My Parkchester and your Levittown are still there, still viable communities, urban and suburban, with many shared characteristics.
Along my journey I was a Wall Street ‘runner’ during high school summers, and a Brooklyn Kosher slaughterhouse worker during college summers (it paid really well!). I was an avid reader of the Katzenjammer Kids, Nancy and Sluggo, Superman and Action Comics, and Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant, and I’d like to compliment and thank you for keeping alive the highest standards of illustrative draftsmanship.
I’ve still got all my B.C. (Before Computer) Pratt tools, drawing board with Luxo lamp, Rapidograph pens, drafting instruments, pastels, #11 X-Acto knife, rubber cement  - I still do my design work by hand, it works for me.
As always, I look forward each day to the continuing adventures of Zippy and company, to your own memories, and to your superb drawing.
Bob Eberele
Kansas City
Do you really earn an income with the extremely weird and uninteresting, non-comical strip that appears, much to my chagrin in the morning paper I receive? Recently you told about your father and your childhood. What the ------?! that's neither a comic or funny! Fortunately our paper relocated your strip and it's nicely in with a bunch of other non-reading junk.

-Ron Keen
June 5, 2013
Does Zippy know just how much making me smile is worth? I just yesterday 'rediscovered' Zippy after many, many years. Not since the 70's have I been so happy reading comics. Thank you Zip!
-Brian Sullivan
Dear Bill:

I've been a fan since college in the mid '80s, and will continue to be.

You are without doubt one of the great comic artists to have worked.

But, when it comes to Theology, you're no St. Augustine, Bill.



Subject: Your God
It’s been a while, Bill.
I must tell you how much I love Your God (a recent flurry of poignant articles in The Boston Globe, of all places).  It is, by far, the best God ever invented by any human being in the history of the planet.  It’s simple, no multiple entities to memorize and instantly recognizable.  Keep up the good work.
Blasphemy?  Au contraire Mr. Griff:  You have invented an everyman’s-God that far surpasses anything ever invented, especially those annoyingly-tenacious ones from the various regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.  Congratulations.  This is a profound contribution to the human race.  Better give your God a name tho.  You can’t have a new religious-franchise without a Brand.  “I’m only sayin…”
I ordered a print of the last one (with my name in it) -- it's framed and in my office. Am I a total goober for ordering this one as well? I am a total fan! Thank you for justifying my father's weird name for me! 

Audie Cornish
(NPR host of "All Things Considered")
i think that your god strips are brilliant and i suggest you collect them together in a book. i just retired as professor of physics and i'd be happy to help.

-Steve Reucroft
Just so you know - your strip of today, June 28, 2013 (Guernica) made me cry...and I'm an old cynic.

It is a strong statement.

Gino Bloch