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12/31/04 Tales From The Telephone Booth Sears catalogs, 1940s
12/30/04 Just Around The Corner Ohakune, New Zealand
12/29/04 Beware Of The Blob Warren RI
12/28/04 Zippy Takes Orders - Diner slang translations: 1) Oysters rolled in bacon on toast with pea soup, topped with ice cream 2) Jello with syrup and butter, toasted english muffin 3) Glass of water. add chocolate syrup. ketchup and hash - 54 Diner Buena NJ
12/27/04 Pizza Town Elmwood Park NJ
12/26/04 (Sunday) Roanoke VA
12/24/04 Take A Haiku 6 - "Kindly Gepetto" by Tom Otterness, Broadway & 95th St. New York NY
12/23/04 Take A Haiku 5 "King/Queen" by Tom Otterness, Broadway & 103rd St. New York NY
12/22/04 Take A Haiku 4 - Giant 1931 Studebaker Roadster South Bend IN
12/21/04 Take A Haiku 3 - "Large Bear" by Tom Otterness, Broadway & 96th St New York NY
12/20/04 Take A Haiku 2 Outside Honolulu HI
12/17/04 Take A Haiku 1 - Puerto Monti, Chile
12/16/04 Mother-In-Law Joke - Littleton Diner Littleton NH
12/15/04 Out Of Line Santa Cruz CA
12/14/04 Woodcarvings Lexington NC
12/13/04 Let Us Spray 1) Rt. 12. WI 2&3) Wildwood NJ
12/10/04 Weed It And Reap Rhyolite NV
12/9/04 Gaining Perspective - "The White Room" by Ivan Albreht  
12/8/04 The Unkindest Cut, Sunny Day Diner Lincoln NH
12/7/04 In Continent 1) Sydney 2) Gosford 3) Sydney, Australia
12/6/04 You've Got Questions, We've Got Questions - "Goofy Golf" Panama City Beach FL
12/2/04 Oh, The Uniformity! Sydney, Australia
12/1/04 Last Laugh - Savin Rock (defunct amusement park) West Haven CT
11/30/04 Real Gone Cats - CMSU Warrensburg MO
11/29/04 Scalpel, Nurse!! Signal Mountain TN
11/28/04 (Sunday) Big Book Staunton VA
11/26/04 Takeover Makeover - Mannequins Darwin and Gosford, Australia
11/25/04 Uncorked Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
11/24/04 Tug Nut - "Theodore Too" tugboat Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada
11/23/04 Cloudy Bright - Panfili's Roadside Stand Salem CT
11/21/04 (Sunday) Barboursville WV
11/19/04 Some Bacon In The Darkness - "Lucy" building Margate NJ
11/18/04 A Whole 'Nother Level Greensboro NC
11/16/04 Automatic Transgression - "Precious Moments" theme park Carthage MO
11/15/04 Tenuous Grasp Sedalia MO
11/11/04 Patriot Act - Village Diner Port Jervis PA
11/10/04 Hot Air Alien Haddam Neck Fair, Haddam CT
11/09/04 Just Jargon Along - Country Club Plaza Kansas City MO
11/08/04 Beyond Blogging - Clarion Hotel lobby Toledo OH
11/07/04 (Sunday) - Studio Diner San Diego CA
11/05/04 Deep Trance 1) Tell City IN 2) Follansbee WVA 3)Tell City IN
10/31/04 (Sunday) - "Gertie the Goldfish", (1950s) Marathon FL
10/25/04 Cone Of Uncertainty - Jefferson Diner Jefferson OH
10/24/04 (Sunday) --sculpture by Stuart B. Padnos Grand Rapids MI
10/21/04 The Campaign Heats Up - Mayfair Diner Philadelphia PA
10/19/04 Martha's Verdict - Martha's Restaurant Blackfoot ID
10/17/04 (Sunday) Los Angeles CA
10/14/04 One Ham Salad, Two Waters Tehachapi CA
10/13/04 Lonesome Valley Blue Earth MN
10/10/04 (Sunday)Savin Rock amusement park W. Haven CT (1930s-1966)
10/07/04 Osama, Obama, Caramba! Yarmouth MA
10/06/04 He/She Eye For The She/He Guy - store window London England
10/05/04 Don't Kill Bill Presidents Park, SD
10/04/04 Loss Leader - Panfili Roadside Stand Salem CT
9/29/04 While You Were Out 1) Bedrock City SD 2) Staunton VA (sculpture by Willy Ferguson) 3)Clinton OH
9/28/04 Building To A Point Norwwod MA
9/27/04 Bicuspid's Arrow Hamilton NJ
9/22/04 Astro-Illogical Pikeville KY
9/19/04 (Sunday) Presidents Park Williamsburg VA
9/15/04 Declamation Of Pin Dependence - Miss Albany Diner Albany NY
9/14/04 Surreal Estate - Charlie's Diner (closed) Pittsburgh PA
9/13/04 Life In 3004 - Bel Loc Diner Baltimore MD
9/12/04 (Sunday) Luna Park Melbourne Australia
9/10/04 Open Wide - Luray Zoo Luray VA
9/9/04 Perfectly Frank Boron CA
9/8/04 Rocky Road - The Igloo Everett PA
9/7/04 Ped Antic - "Conversation" by Carla Green Grand Rapids MI
9/5/04 (Sunday) Honolulu HI
9/3/04 Vacancy No Vacancy - Fremont St Las Vegas NV
9/2/04 Counter Intuition - Eddie's Drive-In Sedalia MO
9/1/04 Inside Job - Lynette's Triangle Diner Winchester VA
8/31/04 Like A Prayer - Hillsville Diner Hillsville VA
8/30/04 The Uncertainty Principle - Luna Park Melbourne Australia
8/29/04 (Sunday) Durham NC
8/22/04 (Sunday)
Cheeseburger Rock

Goldfield NV
Coyote Buttes North, UT
8/13/04 Hair Ye, Hair Ye! Akron OH
8/12/04 Toad Rage Clinton AR
8/11/04 Plain Jane - Plain Jane's Diner Rumney NH
8/10/04 Border Crossing Dillon SC
8/9/04 Carb Bomb Grand Rapids MI
8/6/04 The Day The Pinhead Stood Still - Shirley's Auto Sales Milford DE
8/5/04 En Garde!! - Blue Angel Motel Las Vegas NV
8/4/04 Pray For Mickey Boston MA
8/3/04 The Meat Goes On State Line Diner RI
8/2/04 Plugs And Points Dillon SC
7/18/04 (sunday) Smyrna DE
7/12/04 All Politics Is Loco Baltimore MD
7/9/04 Cliff's Notes - Painted Cliffs Houck AZ
7/8/04 Using A Condiment - Fish Fry Cafe Hudson NY
7/7/04 Coffee Break Bedford PA
7/6/04 Off On The Wrong Foot Kansas City MO
7/2/04 Are We Having Mainstream Fun Yet? - Crystal Mall Waterford CT
7/1/04 Circus Of Horrors Las Vegas NV
6/25/04 He May Already Be A Winner - The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile spotted in Santa Barbara CA
6/24/04 Fall Into The Gap London, England
6/23/04 Into Leather Mayfield NY
6/21/04 Elvis Overate Here Rosedale MD
6/19/04 Uptown, Downtown, Levittown - Empress Diner Levittown NY
6/17/04 Global Warming North St. Paul MN
6/15/04 Main Street, Middletown, U.S.A. - O'Rourke's Diner Middletown CT
6/14/04 Proof The World Is Triangular - Copamarina Resort, Guanica, Puerto Rico
6/11/04 Flop Till You Drop - Boston Trolley Diner Hudson MA
6/10/04 Pedaling Excitement - Copamarina Resort, Guanica, Puerto Rico
Fallen By The Roadside - Panel 2)
Panel 4)
Catonsville MD
Frederick MD
6/7/04 The Sword And The Poll Share - Jolly Roger Amusement Park Ocean City MD
6/5/04 Crossing The Fowl Line Flanders, LI NY
6/4/04 Drug Of Choice Ocean City MD
5/30/04 (Sunday) San Jose CA
5/21/04 Meathead Leesburg VA
5/20/04 Baby Bummer - "Big Baby" by Nina Levy, Aldrich Mus. of Con. Art Ridgefield CT
5/19/04 Sometimes A Pickle Is Not A Dilemma - Devil's Hopyard State Park E. Haddam CT
5/18/04 A Leg Up, Piedmont Boutique, Haight St. San Francisco CA
5/17/04 Hello, Columbus New London CT
5/16/04 (Sunday) Hiway 32 between Orland & Chico CA
5/14/04 Coopt City - "Sheep Piece" by Henry Moore, Nelson-Atkins Museum Kansas City MO
5/6/04 Civilization And Its Malcontents - "The Crying Giant" by Tom Otterness, Kemper Museum Kansas City MO
5/5/04 Horns Of A Dilemma - The "Smart Car", Daimler-Chrysler
5/4/04 Goin' To Kansas City - "Shuttlecocks" by Claes Oldenburg & Coosje Van Bruggen, Nelson-Atkins Museum Kansas City MO
5/3/04 A Hole In The Argument - "Large Interior Form" by Henry Moore. Nelson-Atkins Museum Kansas City MO
4/30/04 Puttin' On The Dog Puerto Rico
4/27/04 King Kong Komplex - Hillside Family Restaurant York Springs PA
4/23/04 Prairie Schooner Harley Hog Milford NE
4/22/04 Ancient Wisdom - Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory Washoe Valley NV
Resolving The Midwest Crisis Abe:
Lincoln quote: 1/27/1838. Gopher:
Charleston IL
Minnesota State Fairgrounds
4/20/04 Cheeky Tiki Glenmont MD
4/16/04 Nailed Ft.Washington MD
Monkey Suit - Yes, that's the real "Zippy the Chimp"
4/14/04 Remote Connection Grandview MO
4/13/04 Factory Direct 1) Russellville ARK 2) Memphis TN 3) Lebanon TN
4/11/04 (Sunday) Metropolis IL
4/7/04 Life In The Capital - Both locations: Wash. DC
4/5/04 Train Of Thought - Union Pacific "Challenger" No 3985 (1943), Union Station Kansas City MO
3/26/04 Quoth The Pinhead, Baltimore - Univ. of Baltimore Baltimore MD
3/23/04 A Whiif And A Poof - "eternal" house Berkeley CA
3/17/04 Spinning Oil City PA


The Pig Picture Las Vegas NV
3/12/04 Unearthly Delights - Topiary Montreal Quebec
3/9/04 Time Lyin' - Sphinx: Mt. Auburn Cemetery Cambridge MA
3/8/04 Family Business Mayfield TN
3/5/0 Ranch Dressing - Cadillac Ranch Amarillo TX
3/4/0 Irony Workers - Hudson River piers NYC
3/3/04 Eeeeeeeeei! Parumph NV
2/24/04 Weld Peace Merrifield VA
2/20/04 Counter Intuitive - Lexington Ave. and E. 86th St. NY NY
Ollie, Ollie Oxen Free -
Animal Heads: Pingtung City
Toltec Head: National Gallery

Wash. DC
2/16/04 One With Everything Discovery Bay WA
2/13/04 Fear And Baking In Pennsylvania - Granny's Restaurant Frackville PA
2/12/04 Bored Of The Rings Los Angeles CA
2/11/04 Meat Loaf Mantra - Sunrise Diner Jim Thorpe PA
2/10/04 Greek Tragedy - Old Towne Diner Tuckshoe NJ
2/8/04 (Sunday) Ebb Tide Motel Wildwood NJ
2/2/04 Unnatural Attachment Natick MA
2/1/04 (Sunday) Austin TX
Bored In Sorcery 1) Dan's Windsor Diner
  2) Countryside Restaurant
  3) Miss Oxford Diner
  4) Village Diner
Windsor VT
Castleton NY
Oxford PA
Red Hook NY
1/29/04 Filling A Cavity - Streamline Diner Savannah GA
1/28/04 Complaint Department - Famous Lunch Troy NY
1/27/04 Never Discuss Ontology On An Empty Stomach - Columbia Diner Hudson NY
1/26/04 Brick And Mortification - Boardwallk Atlantic City NJ
1/25/04 (Sunday) De Cordova Museum Lincoln MA
1/23/04 I Am Muffler Man Bunyan: Around The World Golf, Lake George NY.
Auto Title: Metairie LA
1/22/04 Elepahantitis Margate NJ
1/21/04 Reality Sandwich - Public Wholesalers Metairie LA
1/20/04 Fly By Marietta GA
1/18/04 (Sunday) Frederick MD
1/15/04 Color Guard - Seaford Eagle Diner Seaford DE
1/14/04 Jung At Heart Wallops Island VA
1/12/04 Id's It!! Glasgow VA
1/8/04 Put Through The Wringer Salisbury MD


What, Me Muffle?

Lake Of The Ozarks, MO

1/1/04 Mere Woods? Muir Woods, Mill Valley CA
12/31/03 Happy No Year Deming NM