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12/30/05 Whigged Out Ocean City, MD
12/29/05 Desert Dessert - Panels 1 & 3) Monument Valley, UT . Panel 2) Sedona, AZ 12/28/05 Credit Where Credit Is Due - Franconia Sculpture Park, Taylor Falls, MN  
12/27/05 Nasty Swipe - Fahrney's Pens Washington, DC
12/26/05 What, Me? - Mr. Bill's Winslow Township, NJ
12/23/05 Pinhead's Progress Topeka, KS
12/22/05 Political Platform Seattle, WA
12/9/05 Waiting For Fish - The Roost, Baltimore, MD
12/6/05 Bird Brain Sorrento, Italy
12/5/05 Fun In Baghdad Baghdad, Iraq
12/4/05 (Sunday) Stockholm, Sweden
12/2/05 Yow and Then Calgary, Saskatchewan CAN
12/1/05 Help Needed - Mollie's Diner Snowville UT
11/30/05 Man to Man - Cadet Restaurant Kittanning PA
11/29/05 Below the Beltway Calgary Canada
11/28/05 Bigger Than Big Boy - John's Plain and Fancy Diner Quakertown PA
11/27/05 (Sunday) Sculpture by Tom Otterness Hudson River Park NYC
11/25/05 Parade Rest -, translation: Hello Zippy! I am a gigante. Ask me anything! Las Ramblas, Barcelona Spain
11/20/05 (Sunday) White Manna Diner Jersey City NJ
11/17/05 Tired - Dan's Mountain State Park (recycled tire playground) Lonaconing MD
11/16/05 Down for the Discount - Weyburn Saskatchewan CAN
11/15/05 Scary Pudding - Schuyler Diner Lyndhurst NJ
11/14/05 The Wheel World - 1+2) Amtowers Hilltop Collision Center, Keyser W.VA 3) Hugo's Skating, Morrisville VA  
11/13/05 (Sunday) Wilson's Carpet Outlet Jersey City NJ
11/11/05 Dodging the Question - Sculpture by Philip Grausman, Pratt Institute Campus, Brooklyn NY, 1819-1892 Walt Whitman "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry," Leaves of Grass  
11/10/05 Trans-Fatty Acid Trip - Lendy's Rest Chain 1955-1970's  
11/9/05 Village of the Damned - 1-3) Muffler Man, Wilson's Carpet Outlet, Jersey City NJ 4) A&W Root Beer "PA," Zookie's Drive-In, Glen Falls NY  
11/8/05 Urban Planning - City Hall Park NYC
11/7/05 Think Sphinx - Scottish Rite Temple Mobile AL
11/6/05 (Sunday) Colorado Springs CO
11/5/05 Beagle Boys Santa Rosa CA
11/4/05 Counterman - Truck Stop Diner Kearny NJ
11/3/05 Going Digital - Sculpture by Tom Otterness Hudson River Park NYC
11/1/05 Scotchguarded - Truck Stop Diner Winchester VA
10/30/05 (Sunday) Russels Point OH
10/28/05 The Wrath of Con - Tommy's Diner Middletown RI
10/27/05 Vernacular Spectacular - 1+2) Art Museum, Milwaukee WI 3) Kingston, NY 10/26/05 Bigger Mistake Assoc. 1951
Milwaukee WI, Kingston, NY, Burbank CA
10/25/05 Twist Party Shillington PA
10/20/05 Let's Faith It - Mama Burger, A+W Root Beer Family, Joshua Trees CA
10/19/05 Bad Neighborhood - Tom Maley Sculpture West Tisbury MA
10/18/05 Circuit City - Willie Wirehand, National Rural Electric Cooperative Assoc. 1951  
10/17/05 Freeze Frames Manassas VA
10/15/05 Adrift - Panels 1+4) Winstead CT Panels 2+3) "Woofus" (Lawrence Tenney Stevens Sculpture)Dallas TX Dallas TX, Winstead CT
10/14/05 Florsheimed - Brown Shoe Co. (Victoria Fuller Sculpture) St. Louis MO
10/13/05 Missouri Bear - Negro Leagues Baseball Museum Kansas City MO
10/12/05 Throwing up Resistance - Panel 1) Saddam's Al Faw Palace, Baghdad Panel 2) Mahmoudiyah, Iraq Panel 3) Same as #1 Baghdad, Iraq
10/11/05 Bourne Again Bourne MA
10/7/05 Outstanding in Her Field - The Field Gallery (Tom Maley Sculpture) W. Tisbury MA
10/6/05 Magic Carpet Ride Las Vegas NV
10/5/05 Quantum Skeezix Madison WI
10/4/05 Wise Teeth - The Nectar Delaware OH
10/3/05 Priorities - Skee's Diner Torrington CT
10/1/05 They've Landed! Kingston NY
9/30/05 Keeping Score - Capitol Bowl W. Sacramento CA
9/29/05 Normal - Norm's Famous Hamburgers Downey CA
9/28/05 Early Worm - Boston Trolley Diner Hudson MA
9/27/05 Latin Temperament - Panel 1) Oshkosh WI Panel 2) Muncie IN Panel 3) Amador Co. CA  
9/26/05 Muddying the Waters - "Hugh Mongous," Ocean Breeze Water Park Virginia Beach VA
9/23/05 Fath-Based Sugar Rush - DK's Variety Donuts Manhattan KS
9/22/05 Brooklyn Honeymoon - Chauncy Street Station Brooklyn NY
9/20/05 Zippianity - Donut Castle Winchester VA
9/19/05 Mess Transit - Bus Stop Ishaya City, Japan
9/17/05 Scythes Matter Manhattan KS
9/16/05 Nuts, Bolts And Jolts - Civic Center Duluth GA
9/15/ 05 Taking Issue W. Sacramento CA
9/14/05 New York, Nevada - New York, New York Casino Las Vegas NV
9/13/05 It's A Jungle Out There Noah's Ark Water Park Dells WI
9/12/05 Take It Milan NY
9/9/05 - Revival Meeting Mare Island CA
9/8/05 Cat Burglar - MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas NV
9/7/05 Foreign Tongue - Finnish translation: Panel 2) Griffy: I can't speak Finnish! Zippy: Do you mind if I smoke? Panel 4) Dog: Goodbye! Lane OR (1935)
9/6/05 Also Short & Stout Vallejo CA
9/5/05 Spinning, Yet Cycling Hilo HI
9/1/05 Catty E. Windsor CT
8/30/05 Confidential Sauce - Famous Lunch Troy NY
8/27/05 Miscommunication Dos Palos CA
8/26/05 Wiring And Aspiring - Stan's Lighting L.A. CA
8/25/05 Sight Lines Boardwalk, Santa Cruz CA
8/24/05 Cob Throb - Boardwalk, Santa Cruz CA
8/22/05 Bear Market Denver CO
8/19/05 Keep On Meta-Truckin' Spotted in Wilmington DE
8/18/05 Ahab Rehab - ("Whale Trail" sculpture painted by Jon Buller) Lyme CT
8/17/05 All There College Park MD
8/16/05 Sleaves Of Grease Westport MA
8/15/05 Semicircular Logic Davisville RI
8/12/05 Columbia Diner Hudson NY
8/10/05 Leaning Toward Pepperoni Essex MD
8/9/05 Au Jus'd -Farina Family Diner a.k.a. Yankee Diner Quechee VT
8/8/05 Going Nowhere Exeter RI
8/4/05 Viagra! Only 78c Per Dose! Tell City IN
8/1/05 Sword Swallower Barnum MN
7/29/05 Take A Meeting Middletown NJ
7/28/05 Barbara and Jim Madison Ave. & 23rd St., NY NY
7/27/05 Behind The Curve New Haven CT
7/20/05 Norseman Of The Apocalypse - New Virginia IA
7/19/05 Finnishing School - Finnish translation: 1) There is no toilet paper in the bathroom! 2) The window won't open! 3) I'm leaving tomorrow!  
7/18/05 Bog Blog Wildwood NJ
7/15/05 Beyond The Boardwalk Wildwood NJ
7/13/05 Time And Tide - ("Flying Pins" by Claes Oldenburg & Coosje Van Bruggen) Eindhoven, Netherlands
7/12/05 They Came From Selectric - National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, ("Typrewriter Eraser" by Claes Oldenburg & Coosje Van Bruggen) Wash. DC
7/11/05 Nuclear Option Belmawr NJ
7/10/05 (Sunday) Happy Donuts Palo Alto CA
7/8/05 Round Advice Holyoke MA
7/7/05 Gleaning Mrs. Gowanus - Texas Tavern Roanoke VA
7/6/05 When You Wish Upon A Knish - Sculptures by Gary Greff Regent ND
7/5/05 Lyrical Moment("Patty Duke" theme song/ "Sopranos" theme song) Highway 61,Tenn./Miss. border, 20 miles S. of Memphis
7/4/05 Mentos Condition(Mentos jingle lyrics) Highway 61,Tenn./Miss. border, 20 miles S. of Memphis
7/3/05 (Sunday) Wildwood NJ
7/1/05 Big Bob ("Crossroad Blues" lyrics/ Robert Johnson) Highway 61,Tenn./Miss. border, 20 miles S. of Memphis
6/30/05 State Of Grease Dallas TX
6/29/05 Wisenheimer Metairie LA
6/28/05 New Deal Unreal Oakland CA
6/27/05 Shadow Play -"Artist" by Lulu Stanley Emeryville CA
6/24/05 Stuffed Shirt - Museo Textil Barcelona Spain
6/22/05 Going Deep - Boardwalk Wilwood NJ
6/21/05 Don't Have A Stroke - "Brushstroke" by Roy Lichtenstein Wash. DC
6/20/05 Reductio Ad Absurdem - "House" by Roy Lichtenstein, National Gallery Sculpture Garden Wash. DC
6/19/05 (Sunday) Amador County CA
6/17/05 Music Trends - Boardwalk Wilwood NJ
6/14/05 A Quark Of Fate Sacramento CA
6/13/05 Beach Ball Atlantic City NJ
6/12/05 (Sunday) 1) Seattle Public Library/Rem Koolhaas 2) TV Tower, Beijing China, Rem Koolhaas 3) Bilbao Spain, Frank Gehry 4) Barcelona Spain, Frank Gehry 5) Denver Art Museum, Rem Koolhaas  
6/9/05 If The Shoe Fits - Kamla Nehru Park Bombay, India
6/8/05 Brown Study - The New Floridian Diner Brooklyn NY
6/7/05 Forty-Second Street 42nd St., NY NY
6/6/05 Hook-Up Hang-Up 7th Ave. & 39th St., NY NY
6/5/05 (Sunday) Philip Grausman sculptures  
6/4/05 Guylanders Long Island NY
6/3/05 Invested In The West San Jose CA
6/2/05 Long Island Expressway - Prospect Park Brooklyn NY
5/31/05 Flower Power - "Cowboy Henk" ( topiary by Peter Van Heirseele Kortrijk, Flanders
5/30/05 Extreme Streetcar Makeover Den Haag, Netherlands c. 1915
5/29/05 (Sunday)Einstein statue
Coke Man: Sabrevois
Wash. DCD
Quebec, Canada
5/27/05 Slipping Away ("Tusen takk"= Thank you very much in Norwegian) Oslo, Norway
5/24/05 Over A Barrell - "The Golden Driller" Tulsa OK
5/23/05 Lunacy - Luna Park Sydney Australia
5/20/05 Brush With Greatness Rural Hall NC (Mascot of Fisk Tire Co.)
5/19/05 Grimm Reality Wheaton IL
5/18/05 Gorilla Insurgency Tavern On The Green, NYC
5/16/05 Car Toon 1954 Chevrolet Bel-Air
5/13/05 Somewhere Beyond Paducah Panels 1 & 2: Lebanon TN Panels 3 & 4: Gadsden AL
5/12/05 Hitch Downtown NYC (from Berenice Abbott photographs, 1935)
5/9/05 Crash Landing Warrensburg MO
5/6/05 Pullet Surprise Bryson TN
5/5/05 Island Paradise - Doggie Diner Alameda CA (1985, since razed)
5/3/05 What's His Beef? - Superdawg Niles IL
5/2/05 Flatbed Flip-Out - Philip Grausman sculptures Newburgh NY
4/28/05 Take That, Osama! - Face of Peter Levenson, one of the building's owners 90 West St., NY NY
4/25/05 No Rhyme Or Reason Tucson AZ
4/21/05 Overly Excited - 315 Bowery ("CBGB"= Country Bluegrass Blues. "OMFUG"= Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers".) NY NY
4/20/05 Undiscovered Buellton Buellton CA (1914 & 1916 Los Angeles Streetcars)
4/18/05 Music Hath Charms Orange CT
4/14/05 Express Stop - Truckee Diner Truckee CA
4/11/05 Flying Pigs New York NY
4/8/05 Strike Theory Frederick MD
4/7/05 Thin-Skinned - Lobby, Campus Inn Ann Arbor MI
4/6/05 Price Of Admission Paris France
4/5/05 Hey There, Cowboy Wisconsin Dells WI
4/4/05 Learning Curve - Shawmut Diner New Bedford MA
3/29/05 Citizen Zippy - Rosebud Diner: Somerville MA. United Gas Station: Indiana  
3/28/05 Forklift Update Farmington NM
3/24/05 Zippy Comes Clean Van Nuys CA
3/18/05 A Man And A Mouse Phoenix AZ
3/15/05 Apple Support  
3/14/05 Cartoonomat - Horn and Hardart cafeterias (New York and Philadelphia)
3/11/05 Fonts Of Knowledge Coney Island, New York NY
3/9/05 Gillray Gun - Parody of the satirical prints of James Gillray (English, 1756-1815)  
3/4/05 Vinyl Analysis - Flames Coffee Shop San Jose CA
3/3/05 Strange Brew - Brewers Hill, (Icon: "Mr. Boh") Baltimore MD
3/1/05 Defanged - Kakadu National Park Northern Territories, Australia
2/28/05 Living In The Past - Modernaire Motel York PA
2/27/05 (Sunday) McLean High School Terre Haute IN
2/20/05 (Sunday) Panama City Beach FL (torn down)
2/18/05 All Hail Anehedonia! Madison WI
2/17/05 Glazed, Yet Unfazed New Jersey
2/16/05 Shopping Expedition Darwin, Australia
2/15/05 The Moneyhooners - 1952 Crown Bus  
2/9/05 Barreling Along - (Summer home of William Donahey) Grand Marais MI
2/7/05 Republicans And Beef Kittaning PA
2/4/05 California Mufflin' - 1) Livermore CA 2) San Jose CA 3) Russian River area CA 4) Willits CA 1/31/05 Alamo Court Motel, Ocean City MD  
1/30/05 (Sunday) Byron Bay, Austrailia
1/28/05 Worlds Apart - Giant spoon: Claes Oldenburg Minneapolis MN
1/27/05 Don't Ax, Don't Tell Bedford Co. PA
1/26/05 The Curtain Rises - Giant clothespin by Claes Oldenburg Philadelphia PA
1/24/05 Weird In Indiana - Robin Hood: Princeton IN.
Uniroyal woman: Peoria IN
1/23/05 (Sunday) Munson Diner New York NY
1/21/05 Flight Cancellation Sandusky OH
1/16/05 (Sunday) "Crying Giant" by Tom Otterness, Broadway & 117th St New York NY
1/13/05 Dirt Devil Longmont CO
1/12/05 Pureee Thoughts Sydney and Darwin, Australia
1/11/05 Shop Till You Deconstruct! Melbourne, Australia
1/7/05 Bert The Terrorist - Joe's Diner Reno NV
1/6/05 Now And Zen - "Nancy" by Ernie Bushmiller  
1/4/05 Happy Blue Year - "Crying Giant" by Tom Otterness Broadway & 117th St. New York NY
1/3/05 Give Him The Gold Ding Dong - Frank's Diner Jessup MD
1/2/05 (Sunday) Outside Honolulu HI
12/31/04 Tales From The Telephone Booth Sears catalogs, 1940s
12/30/04 Just Around The Corner Ohakune, New Zealand