YOW!! ( all purpose exclamation)

Are we having fun yet?

Somewhere in downtown___________, a___________ is ________ a ________.
("Somewhere in downtown Duluth, a plumber is over-cooking a pork chop."-- fill in the blanks)

Try your own!

All life is a blur of Republicans and meat.

If you can’t say something nice, say something surrealistic.

I just accepted provolone into my life.

I think I’m having a mid-week crisis.

Laundry is the fifth dimension.

I believe in wash fulfillment.

Treasure your spin cycle.

Remote keyless entry, remote keyless entry, remote keyless entry! (Zippy often gets stuck on an interesting word or phrase and repeats it over and over.)

You can’t hurt me, I entered the Twilight zone.

Madonna (or other famous celebrity) owns my building!

I am protected by the power of stain-reistant Scotchguard

Make my modem!

Stop in the name of Warren Beatty (or other famous celebrity)

Imagine France without Jerry Lewis.

I’m demographically correct.

I just became one with my browser software.


Virtual reality isn’t what it used to be.

I want a mega-meal in a mega-mall.

Adopt my lifestyle or I’ll have to press charges.

I’m afraid! I need something in a heavy cream sauce.

I can silence Joan Rivers with a single slice of Kraft cheese.

Zombies rule Belgium.

Frivolity is a stern taskmaster.

I’m Zippy the Pinhead and I’m totally committed to the festive mode.

Could you repeat that in Portuguese?

I just felt a paradigm shift.

My boxer shorts just went on a rampage through a Long Island bowling alley.

I bowl therefore I am.

Feelings are cascading over me.

Glazed donuts are the building blocks of the universe.

Gimme a glazed!

Nobody brings small problems into a laundromat.

Consciousness is vastly overrated.

I hope my sensitive female side is wearing sensible leather pumps.

Reality distorts my sense of television.

America. I love it, I hate it, I love it, I hate it. When do I collect unemployment?

I just forgot my Social Security number.


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