"Having his brain squeezed into such a tiny space grants Zippy a kind of American cultural satori - instantly obsessed with whatever trend or object passes in front of him. Griffith has actually made room for essays and meditations on the 'funnies' page. No other strip challenges the reader in such a smart way.

"- Andrew D. Arnold, Time Magazine Online

"That Zippy continues to run every day alongside tripe like 'B.C.' is a triumph of cultural subversion. Long may his muu-muu wave."


"The quality drop-off between Zippy and the next-best daily strip is so precipitous it could give you a nose bleed."

- Dan Clowes ("Eightball", etc.)

"If by some tragic mischance, you have not before encountered Zippy, this (the Zippy Annual) would be a fine way for the two of you to get acquainted. Not only will you meet such entertaining and instructive regulars as Mr. Toad, the dubious Claude and Griffy, but you will be introduced to a dazzling variety of famous roadside advertising statuary that has been -- thanks to the contagion of Zippy magic-- gifted with speech and therefore finally able to answer all kinds of questions we have been burning to ask them. And I say Huzzah! So buy this book."

- Gahan Wilson

"(Zippy's) broad scenario is cheerfully woeful - classicly absurdist. In its bleaker moments it is deeply rooted in the immortal universals of human anxiety, the heart of angst."

- The Baltimore Sun

"HOT SITE!" (www.zippythepinhead.com chosen as "new and notable")

-USA TODAY, 1/18/2000
"Since he first introduced his doughnut-loving pointy-headed fool in 1970, Griffith has created a career in plumbing the strange spaces between the subconscious and the droll, the hip and the silly, the Kandinsky and the Lewinsky!"

-Westchester Weekly (NY)

"Zippy's enduring appeal is as elusive as his lips are loose. He is prone to say whatever he wants as he wends through the angst and agitation of contemporary life, playing the optimist and the paranoiac, the pragmatist and the opportunist, the buffoon and the philosopher, as the occasion demands!"
-The New London Day (CT)

"Long live Zippy!"
-Los Angeles Daily News

"The fact that Bill Griffith is able to get his quasi-Dadaist comic Zippy the Pinhead into a number of major US newspapers is nothing short of a subversive act!"
-Lowest Common Denominator/WFMU Radio (NJ)

"In 1970, with the clarion call "Are we having fun yet?" cartoonist Bill Griffith's Zippy the Pinhead barreled into our cultural lexicon and has remained there ever since!"
-San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Zippy's wry social commentary has proliferated; the comic now runs in more than 200 publications!"
-San Francisco Examiner

"Nuanced, full of pop-cultural references, non sequiturs and social satire; a real comic for grown-ups!"-The Baltimore Sun

"The first time I read a Zippy comic book, I was blown away. I had never seen a comic book character that just seemed to leap off the page like that. It struck some kind of chord in me. It would be great to be Zippy for a day-- give your mind a vacation from rational thought, sit next to a pool saying things like, 'I'm pretending to pull in a trout. Am I doing it correctly?' Just enjoy it!"
- Mike Judge, creator of "Beavis and Butt-Head" and" King of the Hill"

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