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Real Places in Zippy DAILY strips (includes Sunday strips from 7/22/01 - present)

Real Places in Zippy SUNDAY strips

Big Tips O' Th' Pin to all the dedicated field researchers who've sent
in such great fotos over the years. Beyond-the-call-of-duty kudos to
eagle-eyed photogs Don Solosan, Jennifer Mai, CB Rollins, Chris Jepsen, Richard McElroy, Tim Quinn, Ed Engel,
Conway Link, Julie Mangin, Grace Lopez, John Schwab, Tom Sakshaug,
Vern Stoltz, Roger Steffens, Darren Olsen, Terry Boots and
John, Vin & Elliott Grabill.


For more on the Gorgeous Googie places Zippy likes to visit, go to Chris
Jepsen's excellent site:


Shoe House, Hellam PA: Tim Quinn
Saucer House, Lewes DE: Tim Quinn
Frog Bridge, Willimantic CT: Bill Griffith
"Cock Bob" sculpture, DeCordova Museum Sculpture Park, Lincoln MA: John Grabill
Johnie's Coffee Shop, Los Angeles CA: Chris Jepsen
Big Duck, Flanders, L.I. NY: Bill Griffith
Hat & Boots Gas Station, near Seattle WA: Steve Shaiman
Top Dog hot dog stand, Portland CT: Bill Griffith
Modern Diner,
Pawtucket RI: Bill Griffith
O'Rourke's Diner, Middletown CT: Bill Griffith
The Parasol Coffee Shop, Seal Beach CA: Chris Jepsen
Zip's Diner, Dayville CT: Bill Griffith
Doggie Diner, San Francisco CA: Bill Griffith
Town Diner, Watertown MA: John Grabill
Octopus Car Wash, Milwaukee WI: Richard McElroy
Muffler Man, Surplus Unlimited, Norwich CT: Diane Noomin
Big Bowling Pin, Norwich Ten Pin Bowl, Norwich CT: Bill Griffith
Mickey Rooney's Club Tabas, Downington PA: Tim Quinn
Lucy the Elephant (hotel), Margate NJ: Ed Engel
Boulevard Diner, Worcester MA: Bill Griffith
Yocco's Restaurant, Allentown PA: Larry Kaspar
Pit Beef, on Route 40, MD: Ed Engel
Longhorn Grill, near Tucson AZ: Michael Elam


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