"I can only shake my head in amazement at Bill Griffith-- how does he do it? Here is the work of a combat-hardened soldier who does more time in the horrible jungle of the modern world than any other cartoonist in recent history. I’m totally amazed he’s kept the high quality up for so long! I sincerely hope that he can quit before he has a complete crack-up and the men in the white suits drag him away muttering, in all seriousness, "Are we having fun yet?" over and over and over."
- R. Crumb

"Zippy is poised on the brink of American iconography."
- Portland Press-Herald (Maine)

"Zippy the Pinhead is a Nile delta of weirdly fertile pop connections."
- San Diego Union-Tribune

"Zippy boggles the mind, expands the consciousness, and whales on the funny bone like the Marx Brothers reborn as TV pitchmen."
- Booklist

"Zippy’s a messiah whose message manifests itself as mixed metaphors and metaphysical meanderings...addictive, even therapeutic!"
- Associated Press

"Smart, erudite and very funny. This is sophistcated, multilevel humor of a high order."
- Minneapolis Star & Tribune

"A coupla strolls through Zipworld will blow fresh air through the holes in anyone’s head!"
- Village Voice

"Zippy is the court jester of the 20th century!"
- Harvard Independent

"Plainly stated, Zippy is the best comic strip in America."
- Boston Phoenix

"Zippy strikes some kind of chord in me. I find his sayings hilarious. It would be great to be Zippy for a day-- give your mind a vacation from rational thought!"
- Mike Judge, creator of Beavis and Butthead

Suppose, after reading all about Zippy's creator, you still want to know more? Read all about his angst-ridden childhood, growing up in Levittown, Long Island (and the origins of Zippy) in "The Pin Within," from Zippy Quarterly #1.
Click here for a preview!

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